Twitter Marketing Strategy for Engaging B2B Influencers

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Devising a twitter marketing strategy for engaging influencers in the world of B2C is really easy.

Send them a product and ask them to review it or post something about it.

Ok maybe not THAT easy.

But generally speaking it’s a lot easier to engage people that get something from it.

What if you have to engage people that don’t get anything from it?
What do you do when the people you are trying to engage are actually your competition?

Twitter Marketing Strategy for Engaging B2B Influencers

There are a lot of industries where the influencers that you are trying to engage with are actually your competition.

In the marketing world, having an agency and writing an amazing article or a piece of content (like this one for example… hint hint) will naturally lead you to promoting it.

This is a natural goal of content – getting it seen by people.

In the influencer marketing world, having a twitter marketing strategy that actually engages other marketing agencies to share content from their competition sounds just ridiculous.

Why would they ever want to engage with and promote their competition?

Because of your amazing twitter marketing strategy!

I have detailed below a simple strategy to market your services to those hard-to-get people via Twitter.

1. Write an amazing piece of content

…and I do mean amazing

I will not advise you on what content would resonate with your audience – this is a bad idea because each audience is different. This requires a bit of analysis and research.

The types of content that are commonly used are actually around different pieces of research. Consider other agencies as your class in university.

Would they read your paper(content) and use it for their papers(clients)?

2. Find people that are not posters

Use search tools and influencer marketing software to locate the people that don’t just post stuff. This consists the basis of a good twitter marketing strategy,

The people that usually have 200.000 followers and follow 199.999 people are usually only posting stuff and not really looking at content or reading any of it.

Sometimes they don’t even read @mentions that get sent to them.

3. Offer the people something

Get them to want to read it. Make it a competition for example offering them a free 3-month trial of your platform if they read your report.

4. Reply and engage with them

One message does not equal communication. Sending them a message is good, but if you don’t genuinely show interest in a person, you will never reap the rewards of them showing you interest in return. As part of your twitter marketing strategy, reply to their tweets, retweet them and engage in conversations.

Monitoring the results of your twitter marketing strategy

Even though you think it might not work – it will after some time.

You need to monitor the results over 3-4 months, not in a day.

If your strategy did not work – track backwards and retry – with the same people.

Most of the time it’s due to the fact that the content or the offer is not engaging enough.

Not good enough. Deal with it. Do another one. Try again.

Everything that went viral because of influencers was because it was really, really, really good.

Accept this fact.

You might think your product is the best thing ever, but if no-one actually wants it – it’s not.

If you find yourself trying to get sales and failing every time, you can consider changing your sales team, but also your product.

This might sound harsh, but it’s the truth and it’s also the only way to guarantee that your twitter marketing strategy will work 100%.


Hope that helps,

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