Making an amazing social media marketing plan

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making an amazing social media marketing plan

Making an amazing social media marketing plan

This article will help you create an AMAZING social media marketing plan.

There are a lot of tutorials and help online in numerous and various articles on creating a social media marketing plan, so we will hope you will cover the basics by yourself.

For this, you need to consider:

Latest Facebook algorithm changes

Facebook Just Gave The Finger To Millions Of People Who Use It For News

The Huffington Post said in this article.

They are not wrong, but they are not right either.

Facebook’s latest algorithm change on Wednesday, declaring that the site will give greater weight to material posted by your friends and deemphasize content published by businesses and media outlets means 2 very important things you need to look at when making an amazing social media marketing plan:

1. It’s becoming brand-site specific.

What this means: Like any other website on the inter-web, people need to know about it to get to it, so you need to do some paid advertising for that when you start, but once they are there, it costs money to bring them back unless the content is good enough for them to return by themselves.

Facebook pages for brands/publishers are now classified as independent websites in the “Facebook internet”. Just like any other website, people will need to visit the page to have a look at the site’s latest posts or content, and just like any other website, the owners of the site need to do some SEO/PPC/remarketing combined with good content to get people coming back.

In short, people need to come to your Facebook page to see your content.

2. Good content will not be seen less

What this means: Again, like any other website, good content gets shared and pushed up on the Facebook platform by the people that like and comment on it.

What publishers relied on was the fact that people see their content in their feed and like/share/comment. However, with this new change, only the best content will get that treatment. This is critical to your amazing social media marketing plan.

This change does not mean that the users will see less of the content on your pages, it just means that the quality and type of content made should make people share it or interact with it, in order for their friends to see it and do the same.

If they shareit, it becomes user-posted content on their timelines and it gets ranked highly by the new algorithm.

In short, only the best content will now be seen by a large number of people.

Social Media Influence is not AdSpend

All too often the [marketing] industry has been guilty of confusing building social influence with simply investing adspend in social platforms.


This statement is absolutely true!

Building social influencer for a person or a brand does not mean spending a lot on advertising and creating content for your customers or clients. This does not mean that current digital trends don’t offer companies a better way of doing advertising.

This just means that a social influencer posting your content, without any heavy amount of endorsement of your product (that can make them loose audience interest) is the current way forward in social influencing. That is one of the keys in your amazing social media marketing plan.

When looking at Generation Z and their current interests and trends, especially with Snapchat users, the way they interact with influencers is completely different than the way they interact with brands.

In short – seeing a brand advertisement would not make them buy a product, however seeing what they consider an influecer using that product because they like it, will make them want it.

The youth of today (saying this always makes me feel old) seems to be more focused on UGC (user generated content) than it is on brands and advertising.

As a wannabe social influencer myself (with my social media network getting close to 500.000 people) I will completely agree with sharing some user generated content that my followers will enjoy, rather than sharing an over-branded piece of content that wants me to endorse them.

Currently in the brand world, it’s all about story-telling and this is acually a good thing, however there still seems to be a bias towards the brand telling the story and pushing it out with advertising, rather then guiding people into making their own personalised stories. The latter has a lot more impact and effect. Have that as your amazing social media marketing plan.

While getting a piece of content such as a video posted is a really good engagement-gatherer, getting an interactive video with multiple endings, depending on your selections as a user, will provide a lot more engagement and offer the user a personalised experience and story that they will be more likely to share.

Combine this with a little bit of branding to give you some exposure and a good ROI and you have the perfect combination of digital marketing for the current digital environment.

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