Introduction to the book ‘Digital Leadership’ by author Sofie Sandell

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This is the long introduction to my book ‘Digital Leadership’ and here is the link to the short introduction if you only have two minutes or less:
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In Digital Leadership: How Creativity in Business Can Propel Your Brand and Boost Your Results Sofie Sandell details how social media, leadership and creativity work together, and how you can make a bigger impact as a leader in your field by mastering these subjects. It’s about being one step ahead of the current generation, as well as tuning into your customers’ needs. People who master these skills are changing the way their businesses work. They are seen as leaders that others want to follow, and they are attracting more clients.

Reviews from Amazon and on other websites:

1) “This excellent book is a fresh Digital Media text which presents concrete ideas and solutions related to engaging and connecting with audiences. I would highly recommend this book.”

2) “There are books about social media. There are books about creativity. And there are books about leadership. This is the first time I’ve read a book that combines all three ingredients into a tasty mix of theories, tips and techniques. Give it a try.”

3) “Digital Leadership” is a fantastic resource for anyone trying to grasp the world of digital marketing and innovation. The author uses plain English and real life examples as well as experiencial learning to good effect.”

4) “Digital Leadership is written in a personal and passionate tone. It’s highly accessible reading, whether you are experienced in the field of social media and creativity or not. The author demonstrates her deep and broad knowledge of — as well as a true passion for — these topics. The content is a good mix of experience, theory, case studies and hands-on advice on how to be more creative both on- and off-line.”

While being a treasure trove of insight and advice that really inspires you to take action and change, the book is a quick read. This is a good thing, as you will want to re-read “Digital Leadership” often for new ideas or a refill of energy and inspiration.”

5) “Digital Leadership is a must read for anyone interested in creativity in leadership and digital marketing. It is full of insightful advice, demonstrated by real life examples. This is what makes Digital Leadership a truly practical, common sense and useful guide. I would say it is not just for managers in big business but for anyone applying leadership and digital media in their day to day lives. You can apply Sofie’s tips to your own situation, whether it be your business or simply your own personal brand. Highly recommended.”

6) “What I like about “Digital Leadership” is its clear style of communication. “Digital Leadership” is designed and indeed very effective to inform and to inspire action. “Digital Leadership” not only brings the reader up-to-date with the digital media, but also shows the importance of embracing and using it effectively. It’s written in a simple and practical language that makes reading it a joyful doddle.”

I highly recommend “Digital Leadership” to those who wish to be creative leaders in whatever they do and would like to use digital opportunities to connect better to their audience, to build up their personal brand and to succeed in the highly competitive and image-sensitive market of our age.”

7) “I really enjoyed reading this book. Sofie Sandell presents original ideas on how digital media can help leaders stand out as thought leaders.”

8) “Sofie captures these concepts with her stories from her own experience. In fact I’d say it’s her art of story telling that really sells some of these ideas.” Susanna Stratton To read the full review go to the blog

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