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HiPER Digital Marketing – The fast ignition approach is a digital marketing process that slightly mirrors the HiPER laser operation. For those of you who don’t know – HiPER – is the acronym for the High Power laser Energy Research facility. This is a proposed experimental laser-driven device undergoing preliminary design for possible construction in the European Union. Find out more about it on Wikipedia.

While we are not rocket scientists when it comes to lasers, there’s nothing stopping us from being digital marketing take-off scientists. HiPER Digital Marketing – is another copyrighted marketing and digital marketing process developed by Narcis ‘Nachos’ Radoi that mirrors the functionality of this laser device and applies it to digital marketing.

HiPER Digital Marketing – The fast-ignition approach relating to SEO

The HiPER laser, is the first experiment designed specifically to study the “fast ignition” approach to generating nuclear fusion, which uses much smaller lasers than conventional designs, yet produces fusion power outputs of about the same magnitude. This offers a total “fusion gain” that is much higher than devices like the National Ignition Facility (NIF), and a reduction in construction costs of about ten times. While the actual fusion inner-workings of the laser do not concern digital marketers, the way that the HiPER laser is designed brings forward an interesting marketing process.

The fast ignition approach is a form of growth-hacking combined with digital marketing and SEO that can sky-rocket the results of any agency, brand or individual looking to get a boost to their business. The main idea of this approach is specified in the description of the HiPER laser device – much smaller lasers to produce power of the same magnitude.

This is a technique applied by SEO/SEM marketers already – relating to long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are defined as keyword phrases that consist of between two and five words, usually used when searching for a rather specific item. Find more about them in this handy beginners guide to SEO from MOZ – https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo/keyword-research

The relationship between these lasers and SEO keywords specifically relates to the number of searches these keywords gets. As the laser device uses smaller lasers to produce the same output, so do SEO marketers.

Digital marketers use a lot of long tail keywords that get a lot less searches, to get the same result as using one keyword with a lot of searches. This is the SEO base of the fast-ignition approach.

HiPER Digital Marketing – The fast-ignition approach relating to Digital Marketing

In the digital marketing field this mirrors a strategy that involves analytics, digital brand advocates and influencers as well as PPC/Social Media advertising all under the growth-hacking umbrella.

The inner-workings of the HiPER laser are too scientifically advanced for me to translate, however the basic process that mirrors marketing is this: fuel in a large central container is heated until it transfers heat to the other fuel containers surrounding it, creating “ignition”. This is a lot faster than heating the same amount of fuel from the all the containers in one place.

Using your SEO-proof piece of work that we looked at before – you start tracking the progress over a couple of days using an analytics platform such as Google Analytics. You monitor the results and see what organic traffic you get and what social media/referral/other traffic you get.

Using your results you would build an optimisation strategy, to divide the “big container of fuel” that is the digital world, into smaller “containers” that are stuck together. This will cause a quicker “ignition”.

Getting your digital brand advocates on board is a slightly tricky procedure, however this can be done, especially with big companies. Employee engagement in the digital world is more important now than ever.

When the agency or brand is not big enough for employee engagement to be of relevance, tracking down some influencers in your field is always a good idea. Finding them is not really a big challenge, getting them to engage with your work is the biggest problem.

Building an influencer network is vital, especially when launching something new, as this can help you grow exponentially. Currently our influencer marketing network has around 80 million reach.

Getting out your “social media lasers”, build a specifically targeted and pinpointed audience and place the work in front of them with some paid advertising and PPC for Google. Usually if something is good, the budget does not need to be massive. We have reached 200,000 people with £20!

The growth hacking strategy is when your friends/employees are engaged and your audience and influencers are “laser focused” on your SEO-proof article. This is when you are ready to create a “massive fusion reaction” through your digital marketing channels that will create as much impact as a big budget digital campaign.

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