Twitter Marketing Strategy for Engaging B2B Influencers

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Devising a twitter marketing strategy for engaging influencers in the world of B2C is really easy. Send them a product and ask them to review it or post something about it. Ok maybe not THAT easy. But generally speaking it’s a lot easier to engage people that get something from it. What if you have to engage people that don’t … Read More

Making an amazing social media marketing plan

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making an amazing social media marketing plan

Making an amazing social media marketing plan This article will help you create an AMAZING social media marketing plan. There are a lot of tutorials and help online in numerous and various articles on creating a social media marketing plan, so we will hope you will cover the basics by yourself. For this, you need to consider: Latest Facebook algorithm … Read More

Why Dynamic Content Optimisation Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

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why dynamic content optimisation is the future

What is dynamic content optimisation? Dynamic content optimisation or DCO is a process where your content creatives are partially or totally changed and optimised based on the advert performance. For example: if you’re selling shoes, your creative ad will dynamically change to feature red shoes, green shoes or purple shoes while maintaining the rest of the picture, or changing it … Read More

How To Do Advertising Marketplace Optimisation

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When you are using an advertising marketplace, the results of your marketing campaigns depend on the engagement of your advertising. Optimising your campaigns can have a amazing result on your ROI and cost for the entire campaign, especially if you’re paying per impression. Growing engagement in the advertising marketplace Some previous results of our research are shown below in a … Read More

12 Best Influencer Marketing Tools and Services

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Looking for an influencer or building relationships with influencers is really important for a brand, individual or any company looking to start up. They will help you reach a wider audience, work on targeting your customers and create trust while building a great connection with your followers on social media. According to this study – McKinsey Study, there is a … Read More

HiPER Digital Marketing – The fast ignition approach

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HiPER Digital Marketing – The fast ignition approach is a digital marketing process that slightly mirrors the HiPER laser operation. For those of you who don’t know – HiPER – is the acronym for the High Power laser Energy Research facility. This is a proposed experimental laser-driven device undergoing preliminary design for possible construction in the European Union. Find out … Read More