Why Dynamic Content Optimisation Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

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why dynamic content optimisation is the future

What is dynamic content optimisation? Dynamic content optimisation or DCO is a process where your content creatives are partially or totally changed and optimised based on the advert performance. For example: if you’re selling shoes, your creative ad will dynamically change to feature red shoes, green shoes or purple shoes while maintaining the rest of the picture, or changing it … Read More

How To Do Advertising Marketplace Optimisation

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When you are using an advertising marketplace, the results of your marketing campaigns depend on the engagement of your advertising. Optimising your campaigns can have a amazing result on your ROI and cost for the entire campaign, especially if you’re paying per impression. Growing engagement in the advertising marketplace Some previous results of our research are shown below in a … Read More

Music Piracy And How To Avoid It

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Avoid and Stop Music Piracy

What is music piracy? It’s the illegal downloading of music for free that people in the music industry are trying to avoid like the plague. It is the worst thing that happened to the music industry since the invention of auto-tune. It is a good plug-in, don’t get me wrong, but if you can’t sing – don’t try. What the … Read More