How To Do Advertising Marketplace Optimisation

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When you are using an advertising marketplace, the results of your marketing campaigns depend on the engagement of your advertising.

Optimising your campaigns can have a amazing result on your ROI and cost for the entire campaign, especially if you’re paying per impression.

Growing engagement in the advertising marketplace

Some previous results of our research are shown below in a short tutorial on how to improve your results when running these kind of campaigns.

Doing research in advertising and digital marketing is fairly complex, this is why we are developing our new platform.

Advertising marketplace 101

If you’re not using an advertising marketplace yet – you should start as soon as possible.

An advertising marketplace is a platform that allows an advertiser (that purchases advertising) to place an advert to a publisher (website, publication, app etc. that offers advertising space) based on a competition and cost bidding system or direct bying. The marketplace allows advertisers to easily reach a target audience based on certain criteria that can range from keywords, interests or specific publications to devices and browser used or online behaviour.

Some examples of these are:

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads

There are also platforms that cover contextual advertising, native advertising, in-app advertising, programmatic and many others – however – the optimisation principles are applicable to all.

Getting the most impact

The first thing to consider when optimising your ads, is the impact that they will get from your audience. This can be researched as well as guessed.

Currently the industry depends on the creative advertising agency or the creative advertising campaigns to get these results, however nothing actually tells the brand what their clients want to see.

Using our research and optimisation methods – we performed a check for a international top 250 company in the UK to get better results from their advertising.

They were using a picture and text that was brand approved and got a good result from their campaigns.

From our research and optimisation methods, we discovered that their target audience actually prefers a certain word and prefers the text to be in a specific position for an image.

Through video analysis, we also discovered that in a video, they like a funny video with a short descriptive text at the top.

This is achieved through locating their clients and customers on social media and considering factors like – what they see in their feeds, what they like, what their interests are and what they share.

Though this – we were able to get an ad that we placed in their advertising marketplace that achieved a 600.000 people reach for a total cost of £100.

In short – the ad went viral in their target audience market.


Lowering costs

Looking at our previous example of advertising, their preferred advertising marketplace was FBX (Facebook Advertising).

They had a system in place, where they would place an ad and pay per impression. We changed this to apply a cost-per click methodology – in order to get the most impressions possible for the lowest cost.

We made this change as the goal of the campaign was conversions, not branding.

Even though Facebook’s conversion optimiser gives you a great tool to lower costs, it also works on a per-impression pricing, which can actually incur a very high cost per impression if the ad is not performing.

This is why applying CPC billing worked best for our testing and improvements. Since we already had a really high performing ad – something like 40% engagement rate, we applied the same research and optimisation method we used for their advertising marketplace optimisation, to their landing page conversion optimisation.

We found out that their target audience preferred a image on the right of the page, with the content of the page being light-hearted and helpful. They also preferred a simpler language with direct messages, rather than what you find in most branding campaigns today.

This achieved a 40% conversion rate!


The future is now

We are currently trying to build this into a platform on Marketing.Net.Co and hopefully we will be done soon.

To find out more about what we do, feel free to

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