360 Digital Strategy Definition with Example 360 Digital Strategy

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360 digital strategy with example 360 digital strategy

A 360 Digital Strategy is an all-encompassing strategy leading a person from first contact and exposure to an end goal. The decisions are based on data points gathered from all aspects of a business in the digital environment including but not limited to SEO, PPC, Website, Customer Experience, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, E-mail, Content, Lead Nurturing and Sales Enablement.


Having a Thought Leadership-based campaign for a B2B or B2C sales process can include the below example 360 Digital Strategy

  1. Content – create the campaign and assets needed
  2. Social Media, SEO, PPC, E-mail Marketing, Website – using all available broadcast channels to expose the message to a new or existing audience
  3. Customer Experience – manage the campaign for your customers using feedback from all exposure channels
  4. Lead Nurturing and Sales Enablement – using the data captured, follow up on potential sales leads

A paper from http://www.forbes.com/forbesinsights/thought_leadership/index.html details:

Growth-starved organizations are looking for ways to differentiate themselves with new ideas, education and relevant solutions that address buyer pain and influence their perceptions of value.

Marketing executives are learning that subject matter expertise and strong point of view are now essential to success in the digital, social and mobile channels that buyers use during most of the buying process. Sales executives realize original research and compelling insights make it easier to open doors, start quality customer conversations,generate referrals and cross-sell solutions.

Thought leadership programs take a systematic approach to delivering new ideas, relevant advice and compelling solutions to prospects and customers through sales, marketing and media channels. A thought leadership program provides your sales and marketing team with a sustained stream of education and advisory content that helps them open doors, make more effective sales calls, differentiate your organization and deliver trusted advice.

A thought leadership program is:
• Based on a strategy that integrates sales process, communications, branding and product sales goals
• Built upon a well-thought-out set of thought leadership assets including advisory content, tools and resources
• Delivered to customers using disciplined multi-channel programs and a coordinated set of customer touches

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