12 Best Influencer Marketing Tools and Services

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Looking for an influencer or building relationships with influencers is really important for a brand, individual or any company looking to start up. They will help you reach a wider audience, work on targeting your customers and create trust while building a great connection with your followers on social media.

According to this study – McKinsey Study, there is a high return on investment from marketing via word-of-mouth. This seems to generate more than twice the sales and revenue of paid(PPC) advertising and provide a much higher retention rate.  This study shows that in influencer marketing, marketers see a $6.50 return for every dollar spent.

There is a growing industry at the moment, as it seems almost 84 percent of marketers expect to launch at least one campaign involving an influencer or two in the next 12 months.

There seems to be a trend growing relating to influencer marketing tools, but finding the right ones can be a challenge in itself. We thought that a list of tools would help with this decision, as well as help with your influencer marketing strategy that you will develop from them.

Influencer Strategy

You should use this influencer  Strategy Template Especially useful for building strategy and influence purchase decisions, You can also choose to chase retweets and online personalities but they might have little effect on your desired audience. You can also follow the steps of the strategy laid out in this article.


Track and find influencers

Followerwonk: This free tool (for one user) by Moz allows you to easily find relevant influencers and sort them by keyword, topic as well as location via Twitter. It provides a great way to build a network of influencers to potentially target.


Analyse influencers

Hootsuite’s Search Streams: If you’re using HootSuite to monotor and magane social media you can also organize influencers into lists, track what they share, and find the best influencers to partner with.

Also Demographics Pro App  – another free tool from HootSuite. This one helps you determina if the audience of your specific influencer is the right one for your brand. You can track down stats relating to demographics – like age, location and interests.


Influencer trends

Hashtagify.me useful tool for finding top trending hashtags and people who use them. You can use the free (and paid) tool to get insight on what’s trending and who is trending with it. Find the influencers that really stand out.



Klout a really useful platform for finding and connecting with influencers in your industry. The best part about it – also gives you an idea of your influence by providing their signature Klout score analysis to your social media accounts.



BuzzSumo is a free and paid (pro) tool that analyses whjat content performs the best and what influencers post it. It is reccomended to use if you’re looking to build a relationship with your influencers and suggest them content that you make based on analysis.




Engage with influencers

Klear similar to Kout – however it allows you to find the influencers you are already engaging with and helps you track and monitor what they are saying. It is a great tool for increasing engagement with influencers as well as run some competitive analysis.



Onalytica allows you to match influencers with your existing content and see which ones would suit it best. It does have its moments though – so make sure you thoroughly check what results you get before you start your engagement.



Rapportive tool to help you build a rappor – straight through LinkedIn. It shows you LinkedIn data, including things like a profile picture for anyone you communicate with through Gmail or Firefox/Chrome. Really handy tool to identify and dirrectly connect with an influencer that you might have found somewhere.



Influence through Press/PR

HARO or Help-A-Reporter-Out – is a platform for PR/press to submit your content/placement pitches directly to journalists that are looking for people in your industry. You should subscribe to their daily e-mails of requests for interviews and submit to as many as possible. The bad part is most of them are annoymous, so you should work on your cold-email-pitch skills.


Build your own network

Marketing.Net.Co – The most important (and upcoming) tool in the influencer marketing world will be coming soon to your door. Marketing.Net.Co will allow you to obtain insight into what your clients, customers or influencers want to see. Wondering why a specific video went viral? The platform will allow you to find out as it will provide insight from video analysis (among others).

Using the insight and some managed service, you can build your own influencer network and be the influencer you use the platforms above to find and engage with.

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